Website Redesign


Website Redesign

Website is known to be the face of your business. It creates a bounce rate of 95% when you don’t have a simple yet attractive design for your website. However, if you think that the developer who delivered your website is not appealing and up to the mark, then you have the option of website redesign as well.

It gives your website freshness and appeals more to your audience. This process consists of the addition of updates in the content, attractive layout and more easy navigation that delivers you conversion as well.

What are the benefits of a website redesign?


Effective Website Marketing is always thriving to serve nothing but the best services to its clients. So the process starts from the in-depth UI as well as UX audit which determine the points where it needs special attention. Once done with running this check, we create a tailor-made plan dedicated for only your website which focuses on redesign goals and business outcomes which are:


When do you need website redesign services?


When you have less to no traffic to your website it’s ok to be with a scattered and not so attractive design of your website. But, when you have a decent amount of traffic then there’s a probability that it can increase into huge traffic. Hence, if you don’t know the time when you need this service, then here’s the idea. Take a look.

1- To get enhanced responsive web design

A website should be changing according to its time and user behavior. Your website may be outdated which simply means that it uses outdated software and not mobile-friendly, etc. which then needs your attention. When you are getting a lot of traffic from mobile then you need to optimize it for mobile users.

So when you opt for redesign, you might need a prior analysis of user behavior which consists of quantitative and qualitative research.


2- Adding more functionalities to your website


Are you thinking to add some additional functionalities to your website? Then it becomes important to redesign your website. However, the functionalities are going to make an impact on your business. Also, you need to make sure that it meets your desired business goals.


3- Launch of a new product or service


New products or services that attract users to your website are impressive. But when it gives you a high level of bounce rate, you need to contact a website redesign service which is only available best at Effective Website Marketing.

However, some companies take this decision for a variety of reasons which can be rebranding or repositioning in the market. And, our dedicated team is always ready to serve you with the best services.


Our website redesign services

1- E-commerce website redesign

We offer the best e-commerce website redesign solution to optimize, enhance and reduce the cart abandonment rate.

2- B2C website redesign

This service includes a customer-focused redesign that increases engagement rates and conversions as well.


3- B2B website redesign

It is a website redesign service that provides you with more quotes/demo requests, email subscriptions and others.