5 Top Aspects for Incorporating the Hero Image on a Website to Motivate the Visitors

Businesses worldwide try everything in the book to make themselves successful. The top management of any company or the people at the helm of affairs spends sleepless nights coming up with a design that can attract their target audience. That tries everything from the latest trend to the most happening and bold colours and themes for their website. However, sometimes nothing clicks, and all the visitors on their website look elsewhere.

New investors and aspiring entrepreneurs come into the business to try their luck. But not everyone is a success because of various factors. And one of them is a terrific web design that can work for them. Several design factors are essential for the success of a website. The top half of the website must be used perfectly to get the attention of the visitors. This is where the Hero image comes, as this can be a really good way to engage the visitors on any website.

Hero Image

In simple terms, it is a large web banner image that is placed at the top or centre of a web page. It is often the first visual element any visitor looks at when he starts browsing a website. You can term a hero image as something that offers value proposition and emotion to visitors. It is much more than a picture as it can educate the audience on any website about the product and make them instantly connect to it.

For web designers, this is one great feature in their arsenal that they can use to draw attention to a website’s aspect. There are several ways this is not that difficult for designers, but making something that looks outstanding and fascinating is the real deal. But one challenge is to create an image that looks the part and can be the catalyst in the success of a website.

Let’s start with how designers can work perfectly with the business owners and top management of companies giving their input.

Why Does Your Website Need a Hero Image?

Most of the visitors on any website skim through the content, even if they are going to do it for the first time. No one has the time and patience to read every line on our page and check out all the images and videos. It is about the website’s perception and how much it can attract visitors within the first few seconds. And if this doesn’t happen, then there is no chance that the visitor will ever return to that website.

The hero image is an excellent way to introduce the brand image and highlight its value proposition. In short, they offer visitors what to look forward to on a website to ensure they have reached the right portal. This can also serve as a CTA so that anyone who would find it attractive will want to navigate the website and see the offer.

The Design Process

Don’t perceive this process as rocket science because it is just like designing a website for the centre image. You have to emphasize the image so that it can complement your products or services well. There are some aspects that I would like to describe here so that you can be sure that you are getting a hero image that will work for you big time.

Following are the top aspects in this regard that you need to think about.

1. Keyword Relevance

Think about is the image is relevant to the keywords in our content and specifically the homepage where the image is present. The image should also clarify the message you want to communicate through the website. It must also offer added value to the visitors so that the relevance and benefits are demonstrated. And finally, it must evoke positive emotions from the visitors so that a visitor will take decisive action right away.

2. The Image of a Product

You can incorporate the image of the product as the hero image on the landing page. This is not something very unusual as the center image has been in use for a long time in e-commerce websites and shopping portals. But this is different as it offers more value to the visitors all the factors that have been defined up till now.

High-definition and high-quality images are required, which are crushed and sharp. An image of low quality will not be looked upon by the visitors as something good, unlike detailed images of high quality.

3. The Image of an Influencer

If you can show the image of an influencer who is supporting your product or service, this can be a big advantage for you. This kind of hero image will be usually popular and can get you the desired results quickly. You can also put a short video that can also do the trick for you, as just a few lines from that influencer can make a big difference.

4. The Image of Brand Context

These images are more concerned with the lifestyle associated with the product than the product itself. Take the example of a holiday resort where you will find children playing and the adults enjoying a good time at the golf course. Just the golf course’s serene environment or the sprawling playing area will make a visitor get more information about that place.

5. An Image with no Context

A general image with no context can also be used, but the relevance with the product or service must be there so that the visitors will connect with it quickly. For example, think of an image where people are working in an office environment and having a good time. If you are marketing a chair or furniture, you showcase this prominently so that everything is described in just a single hero image.

If you find all of this difficult to implement, you can always get help from a reputed Dubai web design company for the best results.

Over to you

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