7 Best Lead Generation Techniques That Actually work in 2021

Once you are over the struggles and tribulations of your business in its infancy, a new challenge rears its head: the need to find and connect with potential new customers consistently. Unfortunately, 68% of companies agree that they struggle to generate leads. But, no matter how unique or earth-shattering your offering is, it won’t matter if people don’t know about it. Lead generation is how you attract people to your business and compel them to buy from you. If you are struggling to acquire customers, here are the best lead generation tricks that are winning in 2021.

Optimize your Pop-ups with A/B Tests

73% of people dislike pop-up ads, while an even more significant chunk of consumers bounces off a webpage if a pop-up shows up. So, if you are planning to interrupt your visitors’ web experience with a pop-up, it better be worth their time. Well-executed pop-ups not only offer value to your consumers but also act as lead generation magnets. Instead of writing run-of-the-mill CTAs, such as “sign up for our newsletter” or “download our eBook,” you need to come up with more catchy and compelling phrases that catch the eyes of your visitors. A/B testing helps you tweak your pop-up offering according to what makes your audience click. It could be your best eBook, checklist, quiz, or article that is relevant to your target base and help them solve some real-world problem. Design different pop-ups with different content and see how well-received they are. You can even go deeper and compare how different CTAs, visuals, or other elements are performed.

Win with Customer-centric Marketing

Companies like Zappos swear by customer-centric marketing, and they have a good enough reason! This form of digital marketing revolves around tweaking your marketing efforts according to what the customers want and need. With so much competition online, your customers are already bombarded with ads, emails, and marketing messages at every online interaction. With customer-centric marketing, you focus your efforts on attracting the right leads rather than casting a wide net. With the internet getting ever louder, lead qualification will be more critical than ever. Since this strategy focuses sales and marketing resources on a clearly defined set of target accounts and high-value customers, it yields a higher ROI and engagement.

Focus on Providing Value to Returning Customers

As any digital marketing professional can vouch for, returning customers have an untapped potential that is often overlooked in place of attracting new customers. It is a shame since returning customers who already know and trust your brand have a much higher chance of converting into leads. You can increase this number by customizing your returning users’ experience based on their past interactions with your website. For instance, if a lead landed on your website a few times due to a dedicated campaign on Facebook, the chances are that they came back for what they initially saw in the ad. You can re-attract that customer by tailoring your CTAs to match that old campaign that caught their eye in the first place.

Play Big with Video Marketing

Videos are major lead magnets since more than 50% of consumers, and 60% of millennials prefer video content over other content forms. Landing pages that incorporate a single sales or product video see an 86% boost in conversion rates. In the world of lead generation, videos play a pivotal role in collecting email addresses, building a personal brand, or sending sales or personal follow-ups. Including CTAs and annotation links in your videos drives traffic to your business website while engaging your users along the way!

Host Virtual Events

Virtual events have made it possible to connect with your audience from any corner of the world. Leading companies, brands, and universities across the globe host virtual conference launch events, online trade shows, Q/A sessions, and even open houses. The new online event hosting avenue is a goldmine for lead generation. Virtual events are such a thriving success since they remove geographical barriers, alleviate brands from incurring daunting setup and hospitality expenses, and allow your audience to become a part of your events and engage with your brand on a personal level.  You can create a spectacular digital event, rich with live webinars, easily downloadable resources, virtual networking lounges, and even audio/video/textual chat.

Create a Stellar Landing Page

A practical and visually pleasing landing page helps engage and reel in your customers and leave them impressed and ready to become a customer. Your landing page needs to grab eyeballs, build product interest, and act as a brand ambassador that piques customers’ interest in your offerings.

An effective landing page

A highly converting landing page

If you fail to capture the attention of your audience on your landing pages, they would never bother to venture further into your offerings or buy from you.

Run a Giveaway

People like winning things and getting things for free, making this option such an effective lead generation tool. For instance, you give users a chance to enter a draw to win a covetable price in exchange for signing up to your email list, subscribing for your newsletter, watching an advertisement video, referring you to friends, following your social media channels, or completing any other actions. Giveaways also encourage referrals since people are likely to share contests with friends. Incentivizing viral shares also helps you capture effective leads. Actively promote your giveaway across all social media channels, email it to your existing subscribers, and even highlight it on your landing pages.

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