Healing Headbands and Euthanasia Machines: New Marketing Gimmick or Cool New Technologies?

Emma Baumert is a professional athlete and qualified weightlifting coach from the USA. She is aiming to compete in the Winter Olympics due to be held in China next year. She has been using a cool new headband which is primarily used for making people calmer. Surely, it looks like something from the sci-fi movies that we see and can get the attention of people suffering from anxiety and depression. But is it worth the hype, and what can businesses land from this practice? 

The band I have just mentioned is a neurofeedback or EEG (electroencephalogram) device. It is growing in popularity among sportspeople as it measures the brain waves of people using it. When a person is under any kind of stress, increased electrical activities are measured by the device. The idea of this headband is that it can help the user train him or herself to be calmer. Whether this device will work or not will be seen in the coming few years, as much research is needed in this regard. But its popularity has made businesses think about whether they can also use similar gadgets for multiple purposes. 

How Do These Bands Work?

Many devices available in the market also are based on EEG and are passive in nature. That is, nothing goes inside the brain, and just the magnetic waves are measured to see if a person is calm or feeling any stress. Usually, these devices are measured on a scale of 1 to 100, with 100 being the perfect state of calmness. But usually, the score of 50 is achieved as there is always some stress in one form or the other. 

Some of these devices are being marketed as having the healing power, just like doing Yoga or a Buddhist Monk will try to achieve nirvana by having a peaceful mind. This will not be the case with every device. But there are chances that this marketing ploy will click with its target audience. And that is the goal of every company. 

Let me define some aspects in this regard that can be worth the information for my users. 

Keeping Calm in Chaotic Times

It is undoubtedly challenging to remain calm during such chaotic times. With news about the Omicron variant of the SARS-COV-2, there will be more panic to come amidst the busy holiday season. In addition, the suicide rate has escalated during the pandemic as people were fed up with being enclosed in their homes. I don’t know about the situation in the particular country of all the readers of my blog, but there were places where severe lockdown was in place. And that’s another reason for the increased rate of suicides. 

Businesses never leave any opportunity unattended, and the news about a Euthanasia device has taken everyone by surprise. The device that is named Sarco can now be legally used in Switzerland, and anyone using it can be clinically dead within a few minutes. The machine works in just the blink of an eye, and the oxygen level inside it decreases as Nitrogen quickly fills in rapidly. As a result, the person may not be able to last a few minutes in it. 

A Quick and Painless Death 

You may think that it is the idea of a sick brain, but in terms of marketing according to the changing times, this can be termed as a masterstroke. And even the success of this device may be debated, but it will indeed be talked about on social and mainstream media. And the viral news will do the trick for it, and through word of mouth, especially on social media, it will reach the masses without much marketing. 

Think of this device as compared to the healing band that was discussed earlier. There is a major difference in how both devices work, but the marketing of both these devices is somewhat easy. The magic of the healing band will be known to the masses, and achieving nirvana will be a marketing gimmick for sure, but one with great potential to work in the long term. 

But it will be interesting to see whether it will drop the sales of the Sarco device as it serves a different purpose compared to the band. It will be at least one year before we can see the results, as both the devices have just been announced and are currently in the testing phase. But one thing is for sure, the launch of the respective devices will be mega-events as they both are competing with each other.  And everyone will be eager to know the success and failure of other devices.

Marketing for the Masses

The above example indicates what needs to be done to make productive work. Indeed, these are niche products and are bound to get attention from the target audience and everyone else. But what about a product like a smartphone or a car? How can the companies market them with such viral news like the euthanasia device? Apt marketing keeping in mind the potential customers, and providing all the information about the features and options is one way to do that.

The healing band and similar products are undoubtedly positive in nature. And its usage will be universal as compared to most devices. However, marketing for the masses needs to be based on their requirements. Promoting a smartphone that hundreds of other companies are also marketing can be challenging. Until and unless you have a revolutionary new feature in your phone, there are low chances for your product to make a mark for itself. 

Final Word

Marketing in the digital age can be tricky. The competition is tough. But it can be easy as there are multiple channels, and any company can devise numerous strategies so that eventually, one or two will work in your favour. Going through successful marketing strategies over the years can help businesses reach their goal. But the business dynamics are changing rapidly, which is why significant changes in those strategies are needed to hit the bullseye.

If you think you can add something to this blog, you are more than welcome to speak up. For any feedback too, please use the comments section below. 

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Image source: Rawpixel.com

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