How to Strengthen Your Marketing Strategy for 2022 by Gaining More Twitter Followers?

Today, Twitter marketing has become the most effective strategy for the savviest digital marketers. It has become a powerful marketing platform that gives brands a fantastic opportunity to engage with their audience in real-time. Marketers need to create a robust plan to stand out and keep their target audience engaged.

Fortunately, social marketers can effectively promote their brand and attract a more relevant audience. Getting like-minded followers will help you gain authority and develop meaningful and strong relationships with your followers. Creating a solid brand community helps your brand to get more exposure and drive more conversions.

Gaining more and more Twitter followers can help you improve your overall marketing strategy while establishing a strong position within your industry. Having a huge following base depicts a brand that people trust.

If you are wondering how to increase Twitter followers to increase your brand reach, here are some of the most effective ways that help marketers increase Twitter followers.

  1.       Update Your Twitter Profile
  2.       Share Interesting Content
  3.       Focus on Visual Content
  4.       Follow Like-Minded People
  5.       Use Relevant Hashtags
  6.       Run a Campaign
  7.       Create a Twitter Thread

 How to Gain More Twitter Followers?

1. Update Your Twitter Profile

Believe it or not, your Twitter profile helps your followers gain a better idea about your brand. Having a strong Twitter profile makes people understand what you do, your likes, interests, and anything that is relevant to your brand. You can mention the location and upload a banner or logo to give a real face to your Twitter profile. Remember, optimizing your Twitter profile will gear you up for the best results you can get from this powerful marketing platform.

2. Share Interesting Content

To gain more Twitter followers, you need to post engaging content to get a wider reach frequently. You need to create a solid content plan for Twitter to become an industry expert and a reliable source. A recent survey conducted by RivallQ suggests that the top 25% of Twitter profiles post twice a day, i.e. approximately 12.6 times per week. The same survey shows that some strong media profiles post 53 tweets per week, while some sports brands post 36 tweets per week.  

Tweeting more regularly is the proven strategy to promote your profile and content. Frequent publishing will help marketers significantly promote their upcoming product feature, company event, the latest blog post, video, discount deal, or anything you want to get more visibility.

Posting interesting and fresh content will help your potential followers know that you are a credible resource and have something educational entertaining to share. So if you want to attract more and more followers, fill your feed with educational and inspiring content.

3. Focus on Visual Content

Adding media to your Twitter feed is undoubtedly the best strategy to make it stand out. Posting informative videos, images, and infographics can make your content appealing and attract more people to become your followers. According to statistics, tweets that contain images and videos get more clicks (18%), likes (89%), and retweets (150%).

Remember, Twitter users will definitely check your feed when visiting the profile, and if it contains images, videos and interesting visual content, chances are they will definitely follow your profile.

4. Follow Like-Minded People

When it comes to increasing your Twitter followers, one of the proven strategies is to follow more people. Following people interested in your products, services or mobile app can help you earn more Twitter followers. But the question is, how to find the right people who are interested in your brand.

You can follow industry influencers in your industry, engage with thought leaders in your niche and send replies to potential customers to build user engagement. Use the relevant hashtags, and you will get the right people. Following micro-influencers, industry influencers, and other like-minded people will help you increase your followers.

5. Use Relevant Hashtags

When it comes to gaining new followers, hashtags play a vital role. If used right, hashtags can help you reach the right people. Using relevant hashtags to your tweets will help you connect to people who are searching for the same keywords. You can also use hashtags in your tweets and Twitter profile.

According to statistics, tweets that contain at least two hashtags have higher chances (21%) of gaining more engagement. Moreover, tweets with relevant hashtags have 55% more chances of getting retweeted. Fortunately, there are many effective tools that help marketers to find the right hashtags for your brand.

Identifying the right hashtags for your tweets will help you reach new audiences and increase brand awareness.

6. Run a Campaign

Twitter allows brands to run ads and create a follower campaign for getting a wider reach. The smart Twitter algorithm shows the ad to the target demographics to attract people to follow your profile. The best part of running a followers’ campaign on Twitter is that you will only charge when someone follows you after seeing the ad.

7. Create a Twitter Thread

Initiating a Twitter thread is a great strategy to engage with your audience. If truth be told, Twitter threads act as the best place to share your ideas on a particular topic. It gives you a great opportunity to write your point of view within the 280-character limit.

Try to post something interesting or discussion-worthy to encourage people to send replies and add something valuable to the thread. Twitter threads make the post more visible and generate maximum engagement.

Are You Ready to Gain More Followers?

Gaining Twitter followers will become easier if you follow a solid content strategy, useful tools and the above-cited tips. Plan your content wisely, create engaging posts, optimize your profile, participate in discussions, do your best to increase your brand exposure. 

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