Key Roles And Functions Of Any Full-Service Advertising And Marketing Agency

Many graduates wishing to work in the digital advertising and marketing industry often wonder about the job roles and responsibilities of any full-service digital advertising and marketing agency? 

Full-service digital marketing agencies are involved in all aspects of digital marketing. In addition, they are also engaged in digitally advertising products and services and planning, making, and executing different strategies and campaigns to promote brands, products, and services.

Usually, digital advertising agencies leverage online and social media ads on various media platforms to grow the business. Full-service advertising agencies can leverage radio, television, social media, online, search engine, and digital media ads to help brands, businesses, and organisations grow.

This post will help readers understand the functions of a full-service advertising (and creative agency) along with the duties, roles and responsibilities of each employee working in it. 

An advertising agency – what is it?

At times, advertising agencies are referred to as creative agencies. Digital agencies are advertising agencies but only offer digital marketing services (also known as digital marketing agencies). A full-service advertising agency offers both traditional and digital marketing and advertising services. They are all responsible for making and managing advertising campaigns for their respective clientele.

Moreover, ad agencies work with marketing teams in developing a strategy to help clients meet their objectives. There are numerous roles present in an ad agency along with job titles, which digital marketing companies utilise to label the positions present in the company.

The various kinds of roles and responsibilities in a full-service advertising agency

There are numerous roles and responsibilities of advertising in the marketing industry. Yet, the focus will be on the most common advertising agency roles and responsibilities. They are listed and briefly described as under:


The role of a copywriter at an advertising agency is valuable. They write text and content to promote either a product, a service, a brand, a product line, an organisation or a cause.

In all honesty, copywriting is among the most popular roles and positions at an advertising firm. They help brands improve and boost sales potential by writing the needed text to grab people’s attention and convert them into customers.

Copywriting is the process of creating persuasive text, images or content (or all) to promote an advertising campaign for either a cause, a product or a service. The copywriter’s job is to make a company’s message and sales copy to generate more revenue.

Their job description includes responsibility for crafting content for advertisements present on websites, brochures, social media posts, website banners etc. It requires creativity to craft a worthwhile message resonating well with the target audience.

Further duties and responsibilities of copywriters are:

Digital Media Specialist

A requirement of modern times, digital media specialists oversee the utilisation of digital media channels for marketing and advertising purposes. These professionals are skilled in generating leads by creating online audiences and following via effective online and digital marketing campaigns.

The role of digital media specialists is optimising websites for search engines, creating worthwhile social media campaigns, and collaborating with web designers and internal marketing specialists to make the online presence stronger and much more robust.

Their responsibilities are:

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers specialise in creating graphical content for print, television, web and other mediums for advertising, branding, marketing and promotional purposes. Apart from logos and posters, they create illustrations, infographics and other forms of visual content for businesses, brands and companies alike.

They create pictures for both the print and web platforms through Adobe Illustrator and photoshop. Graphic designers are colloquially known as designers and usually work with teams with a copywriter or two, web developers and content executives to craft the desired design and content for a given project.

Graphic designers work closely with market researchers and product managers to create understandable messages. They create graphics to represent a brand further and convey messages in graphical format.

Account Executive

Account executives maintain and develop relationships with clients. They further close sales deals to increase the customer base (the sales process of advertising is different and sophisticated). Their main roles and responsibilities are as under:

Media Buyer

This role is also referred to as media advertiser, and a media buyer’s role involves negotiating deals with media outlets such as news stations, blogs and other mediums to buy advertising space for clients. Their primary responsibilities are:


Advertising agencies have a role which is often taken for granted, and at times it becomes thankless. Yet they are thanked for their role in advertising campaigns and other responsibilities they have been able to fulfill.

They have been able to utilise original, authentic and worthwhile ideas creatively to craft messages that resonate among audiences. They also monitor campaigns to make sure everything is on track. Moreover, each aspect of promotion, marketing, and sales for campaigns run by various businesses, brands, and companies is managed by advertising companies with enthusiasm, precision, passion, and care.

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