3 Design Features that Businesses Tend to Ignore and Pay a Heavy Price

Businesses looking to offer something new to their visitors need to think about dealing with the basics rather than extravagant features. Exquisite web design is the requirement for websites, especially for online shopping portals, to make a mark for themselves.

The following are the top three design features that many businesses tend to ignore or forget.

1. A Clean Layout

It would be best if you started with something that looks simple. If you try very hard to impress your visitors, your website will look out of sorts, and the design elements will be deemed as forced. A clean layout is what will work for you so that everything falls into place. Nothing suits the eyes other than a layout you can find easy to navigate through and find the information you are looking for.

More than half of the online visitors use handheld devices, as businesses now don’t have the liberty to offer multiple design options. The use of various graphics, animations, and pictures on a web page is limited as on a small screen; it can be overwhelming. That’s why you need to think out of the box to offer all the relevant design elements to your visitors and also make it look clean and simple.

2. A Cool Animation

Just like the video, animations can also get the attention of the visitors very quickly. But you need to think about what you want to put in the animation. It is not exactly like the video to not put in the content just like the video. That’s where the experience of a web design agency will come into play so that you can incorporate animations that work perfectly rather than just filling out space.

Again simplicity will work for you rather than being truly animated. It may sound like a cliche, but it is true because animation is not something that requires much hard work. It is all about creativity and offering information subtly. If you work very hard on making your animation just like a Pixar movie, you will fall flat because this is not what you have to achieve. Instead, remain true to the product or service you are marketing for being effective.

Animated logos are another option that you can incorporate on your website. 3D logos or something like that which is out of the ordinary will surely get the visitors’ attention. So, don’t think of an animation as another subpart of a video; it is instead something else that you have to use smartly.

3. Voice User Interface

Also known as Natural Language Processing, this is how visitors of any website can use their voice to control the navigation. Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri are some of the most popular voice user interface examples. For this interface now, it is possible to understand Complex commands that can be of several sentences. The advancement in technology means that this will be the next best thing for the visitors of a website. And for people with certain disabilities, this is just what they want.

On smartphones and other handheld devices, voice search has been on the rise recently, which will be the trend in the coming few years. That’s why if your website doesn’t have a voice user interface, it will lag behind its competitors. Think about how you can start with this. Don’t think that I am emphasizing making your website just like Google Assistant or Alexa. Read on as I discuss this aspect for your clarification.

At the start, it will always be difficult for you to grasp what your target audience is looking for. However, you will eventually get to know about their preferences. And that’s when you will get to your goal of incorporating voice interfaces on your website to help people browse and navigate it in almost half the time.

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