The Top Web Design Practices to Make Your Website Design Stand a Class-Apart

It only takes a split second for customers to make up their minds if they want to do business with you.

In an online world, those first few seconds depending on how you’re going to portray your website. While everyone can create a website and set it up for running, that certainly does not guarantee your website will turn into success. A website appears to the customers as a 24/7 storefront. It helps customers form a proper opinion on how you can make an excellent first impression. Therefore, when creating a site, you need to make sure it appears appealing, intuitive, and has an effective website design.

Take, for example; you have got a physical storefront. Let’s assume that you own a coffee shop, and now you want people to come to your coffee shop rather than Starbucks located at the end of the road.

Well, if Starbucks is your competition, then you surely need something compelling to attract. From piercing fluorescent overhead lights to unforgivingly amazing concrete floors, you would want everything to send the best impression to win your clients quickly and make their stay at your coffee shop a lot enjoyable. The same is the case with the website; you have to focus on every detail, from design to layout, from fonts to colours, from logo placement to content, even the minutest details.

“When a website is done right, it’s when you win your customers.”

Are you wondering what elements can make your website design stand a class apart from the rest? Here are seven web design practices that you can adopt to create a stellar website design.

Creating a Strong Brand Identity

Your brand is the foundation of your business. It’s one of the reasons why you must ensure to keep branding consistent across the different facets of your website. A brand is not just about creating a powerful logo; it’s about selecting the colour scheme and ensuring that iconography should remain constant throughout the product/service. In the online world, it’s more about website design.

The right website design reinforces your value proposition.

Using the right aesthetics, you can set a powerful tone across your entire website, expressing how you can make a difference in the lives of your people. In addition, it can help you establish the perfect brand equity.

Publish Clear Call to Action on Website

If there is one thing that can motivate your customers to convert, it is none other but a clear call to action. When creating a website, make sure to add powerful call-to-actions which resonate with your brand messaging. Ask yourself, what is your website’s ultimate goal & objective?

Do you want to bring more leads? Do you want people to sign up? Or do you want them to get in touch? Based on your requirement, use a powerful call-to-action so you can attract.

Take, for example, Crazy Egg!

Their website has a compelling call to action, encouraging visitors to take action.

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