4 Web Development Technologies that are Shaping the Future for Businesses

Web development for complex e-commerce websites and business portals needs to be taken care of seriously. They are not your average blogs or a simple four to five pages website that you can develop within a few days. Your reputation and hard work are on the line with your website, as through this, you will portray your business to the world. So, no company can settle for anything less than perfect.

Apart from the database, web design, content, and virtually everything related to backend programming, there are some other aspects that businesses must look into. But most companies tend to ignore them. There are various reasons for this, but the companies usually cite the shortage of time and resources. Even companies based in the UAE, where advanced technology is readily available, think of launching their projects first rather than counting.

The following four aspects may be offbeat for some of my readers but are essential, nonetheless, for the success of most online businesses.

1. 3D Design Elements Becoming Mainstream

Gone are the days of the LCD and low-quality screens as 2K and 4K quality are now becoming the norm for the TV sets and monitors. The use of these high-quality displays has prompted designers and developers to benefit from them, and one way is to use three-dimensional design. 3D visuals with shadows and crisp edges now woo the audience and not the blocks and bevelled borders, as was the case in the past.

Websites are now using 3D images and graphics to make a solid impact. The use of 3D elements and 2D fonts are making websites look visually stunning as this basic animation can create a visually aesthetic user experience. 2D fonts are not new, but when they are used in conjunction with 3D elements can create exceptional effects for the visitors of any website.

In the current year and in the future, an increase in the use of static and interactive 3D elements is inevitable. Businesses are now looking for the help of designers and developers to make a mark using 3D-rich images to make things look scintillating.

2. Apt Use of Web Apps

Performance is a key issue related to websites because businesses will not get what they are looking for in terms of traffic if it is not optimum. Even an average performance will shy away; many visitors will notice some lag in the performance.  If the loading time is over 3 to 5 seconds, many visitors will leave the website for good. That is where the use of web apps comes into play as they offer a good solution.

Many websites use heavy JavaScript operations or CSS libraries for or points or other stylized effects. But this can affect the loading speed of a website to some extent. That is where WebAssembly can make things easier for the developer. As the codes are compiled to bytecode, which runs in the browser, high security is guaranteed. Furthermore, language support and platform independence are also offered alongside hardware independence as well.

A website developed with WebAssembly is quick and enables the developer to script across multiple platforms. This is one spectacular web development trend not just for the year 2021 but also will go a long way in making developers work on projects quickly and easily.

3. Use of Blockchain Technology

Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin has dominated the news during the past couple of years, and this year is also no exception. Its meteoric rise has raised some eyebrows, but the people who are earning tenfold income are not complaining. Cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain technology, and there is every reason why we can anticipate this will be a big thing for all the websites.

Even though you are not completely engrossed in blockchain technology, businesses can leverage many benefits from it. Just mining cryptocurrency can be beneficial for business even though it requires a huge amount of energy. Blockchain has a peer-to-peer architecture so that it enhances security features and transparency of the information. Any good developer working for a renowned web development firm can offer the option of trading in bitcoin.

The value of Bitcoin crossed $64,000 in April 2021, and in the future, along with other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is poised for all the success. Tesla just dropped a hint that it will use Bitcoin in the future, and its prices rose sharply. Now think about what will happen to it and the overall blockchain technology if it becomes the standard mode of exchange on the Internet.

Currently, it is the most recognizable digital currency and, although, with some apprehensions like being used for ransomware and other aspects, this may well be the future that can make websites work wonders.

4. Cloud Computing

Another great addition for the developers that are making waves around the world is cloud computing. Although now it is not a new technology as it has been used for several years, the complete acceptance from the business world and events from small businesses and startups have made it the best technology to store precious data and host websites. Dedicated servers can be hosted through cloud computing and are already the preferred choice of some tech giants.

The recent episode of Fastly becoming the punching bag because of its faulty servers made a dent in its popularity. But the industry pandits have termed it just a one-off incident, and the future of cloud computing is secured. Never shy away from using new technology. If it is helping businesses without much cost, it should be used for developing and hosting websites across the board.

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