Amazon May Not Need Aggressive Marketing as We Head into the Holiday Season

As of 19th October 2021, Elon Musk is the world’s richest man. He has amassed 214.8 billion dollars while Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is at second with 197.8 billion dollars. The owner of the retail giant may be at a distant second at the moment, but there is every chance that he will succeed Elon Musk in the coming few months. The busy holiday season is just about to start, and there is no way that Amazon will lose market share to any company.

Several factors run in favour of Amazon, and the latest news that it is about to hire 150,000 new temporary workers is a testament to this. Amazon is looking to hire 150,000 new temporary workers just for the holiday season. The figure is more than 50,000 more than last year when Amazon announced that it would hire 100,000 seasonal employees for the holiday season. The months of November and December are perhaps the most lucrative ones for the entire e-commerce and retail business. And that is one reason why Amazon is leaving no stone unturned.

What’s in It for the Seasonal Employees?

Some of our readers may argue what’s in it for the seasonal employee as they will lose their job at the end of the season. However, Amazon also knows that many people will ask this question, so it is offering many incentives to those people. In addition, there are many people in the job market in the US who are willing to work part-time. So, when they get a chance to work for the retail giant, even for two months, they will go for it. 

The incentives from Amazon are also very interesting to note as it thinks that it can lure people towards it. The hired employees will be helping in packing the shipments from the warehouses across amazon’s vast network. The fall season is when the company starts to hire new people as the peak season approaches. Read on as I discuss some important aspects that most people will find hard to resist. 

The Incentives 

Amazon is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that it can fill the 150,000 it has reserved for the seasonal employees. With an average salary starting at $18/hour, the company knows it is a very good offer in the current market. With 3000 dollars sign-on bonus and some locations and an additional $3/hour for workers and son quotes, most people will be more than happy to join Amazon right away. 

Sign-on bonuses and free college tuition it is offering are enough to get their attention in a tight labour market. Other companies like Walmart and Target are also trying similar tactics to get more seasonal employees. Amazon’s CFO told analysts and investors that the company’s second-quarter earnings in July show that the labour market leads to higher costs. So it may indicate that the prices for its products will increase quickly right after the holiday season. But it will be too quick to jump to any conclusion right now.

Why Such a Rush for Hiring Employees in the First Place?

There is every reason to believe that if Amazon is beefing up the competition, indeed, there is scope in the market to do so. At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic last year, employees were fired from the company and some of them left because there was not much work to do. But during the last quarter of 2020, Amazon hired around 500,000 new employees. This move was enough for the investors to think that Amazon is looking ahead for a good market and bright future.

Like it happens with every big company, Amazon is also responsible for making people believe that everything will be positive. And the coming holiday season will be one of the biggest in its history. Amazon started physical expansion of its warehouses and logistics operations on war-footing across the country. And the new holiday hires will only strengthen its market position so that Amazon’s investors have another reason to smile.

Will Amazon Succeed Without Any Marketing?

Boasting such a huge workforce, businesses around the US and several other countries are sure that Amazon will bring in good revenue. But whether it will do so without an aggressive marketing campaign is yet to be seen. Unfortunately, there is not much happening on the television and print media front to anticipate what is coming up. Still, on social media, it is trying hard to make an impression.

 Amazon is already a force to reckon with so that most of the time, it doesn’t have to market products to our customers just like small companies. Most of the time, customers go to by typing the address knowing that they will get the lowest price for the product they are looking for. The customers are redirected to Amazon in some cases, but can Amazon take a chance during the busy holiday season? People are still looking to save every penny, and with competitive prices from travel like Walmart and Target, indeed, Amazon has something to think about. 

Final Word

The increasing petroleum and gas prices and inflation around the world are a testament to the fact that everyone has left behind COVID-19. Though there are some indications that the virus can make a comeback this coming winter, and with vaccination drive Globally going smoothly, everyone is optimistic that the world economy will bounce back to the pre-pandemic levels within a year.

All Fortune 500 companies and big conglomerates like Amazon are making every effort to lower your customers towards buying products this holiday season. While marketing for Amazon, as discussed above, isn’t something that they need to be bothered about. But if it wants to be a well leading retail company in the US, and in many countries where it has a good presence, it has to be for its marketing rather than just hiring new employees.

What do you think about the latest move by Amazon and whether it will be able to pull off yet another successful year? If you think that you can add something valuable to this blog or want to offer your feedback, you are welcome. Either way, please use the comments section below in this regard. 

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