Marketing for Airlines and the Travel Industry is a Tough Job during this Holiday Season

Marketing in the next year is going to be the same as in 2021 or in the previous years. Or is it? This is the question that everyone is asking, but no one has the answer. On Monday, November 29th, 2021, stocks around the world tanked as there was widespread selling. Investors are looking very much anxious and worried as to what had happened during the busy holiday season. Currently, the Omicron variant is a headache for businesses around the world, but hopefully, the situation will start to improve at the start of next year.

Bad News for the Travel and Hospitality Industry 

Anything that can happen to the travel and hospitality industry, it was the COVID-19 pandemic that made them shut down, unlike other businesses which were operating at least partially. Travel around the world was restricted to just a few cities of a country, and in some cases, even it was not possible. The shares in the aviation industry tanked, and the flight schedule was severely affected. 

Travel agents and companies offering tours and expectations were out of this way for most of the last two years. It can be anybody’s guess that they are still not on par as they used to be at the end of 2019. And that is why the latest Omicron variant is seen like a spirit to them that will spook them not just on Halloween but through the holiday season. There is no guarantee that they will bounce back by the time it is New Year.

The shares of oil marketing and exploration companies also have nose-dived in anticipation of tough times ahead. And that is why businesses are looking sceptical about what will be the scenario in the coming few months. So, do you think that marketing for the travel industry and Airlines means something? And what is the success ratio to be? 

Read on as I discuss these crucial aspects in this blog now.

When Will Travel Start Operating at Its Peak?

The Emirates chief executive stated a few months ago that it will be the start of 2023 before we can expect travel at the level of 2019. And now that there is a further threat to the ongoing holiday season, things are looking very different just from one month ago. The new Omicron variant was already slowing the economy of the Southern African countries as it was the peak summer there. 

People from Europe, Asia, and many other regions of the world go to African Safari during the holiday season, and of course, this is not going to happen this year. Similarly, the travel industry and that related hospitality industry will also suffer. Africa will be the hardest hit as the financially stable countries will also feel the brunt. And when it comes to how the hotels and resorts will fare across the globe, it is anybody’s guess.

Holiday Season will be Affected, So What’s Next for the Marketing?

Air travel will be severely affected, as is evident by the sign that we have seen during the past and current week. Air travel to and from the southern African countries has been banned by almost half of the countries of the world, and very soon, the African countries will follow suit. These are going to be a nervous few months for them, especially South Africa and Zimbabwe, but there is some silver lining after that. 

During the next few weeks, the marketing for Airlines for South American countries looks like the only bad. This season will also experience their summers in the next three months or so and that is why it can be an alternate destination for the tourists looking to go outside of their country.  Although for people from Asia and Europe the distance may be too much, anyway it is the holiday season and who minds going to travel for a few more hours, right? 

What are the Options?

It is yet to be seen whether Brazil has seen the worst of the pandemic or it will be at heart again. If that is the case, there will be just a few choices for people to go to South America. Countries like Bolivia and Peru Might be the only choice for people looking to travel as these countries have not CM the worst of the pandemic yet. And currently, they are also not experiencing any new COVID wave. So, this is the bright part that airlines can market. And the hospitality industry in these two countries will also follow suit.

Some of my readers will be curious that there are many other regions that they can go to during the holidays, including Fiji, the Caribbean islands, and other tourist attractions near these regions. But let me tell you that Fiji has the same sum of the first outbreak of the virus recently and the Caribbean Islands are also not spared. That is why it is not a good idea to risk the lives of your dear ones. 

Tough Times but with a Silver Lining

Both Bolivia and Peru are beautiful countries and home to football-loving and passionate fans of the game. People from Europe and Asia who like football can see the ongoing matches being held in their local leagues. 

So, for the time being, the marketing department of their clients and the hospitality industry don’t have much choice. But as soon as the booster shot for a new vaccine for the latest Omicron variant will be available in the market, the situation will improve drastically. 

Over to you

What is your assessment of the condition the world is going through right now? And do you think that marketing for Airlines, the travel, and the hospitality industry can bear fruit in the current scenario? But it is just the start of December, and there are chances that if a new variant is not dangerous enough, the end of December and January can be bountiful for the above-mentioned industries.

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