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Web Development is the process of creating interactive websites using different technologies and frameworks. Shops and industries are the physical address of your business; similarly, websites are the virtual address where your customer can know about you, interact with you, or buy products or services from you. In this digital world, every business must be online to be in the race. Websites enhance your business style and promote your products at an international level.

To create a website design, you need to know many technologies. Web Development has different components, which require various technologies to develop. Websites are of two types: Static Websites and Dynamic Websites.

Static websites are the ones where users can only view the information about the company and cannot perform any other operation (for example, portfolio websites of different professionals).

Dynamic websites are responsive websites where users can interact with you and perform many operations. Developing a dynamic website is challenging and requires a lot of skills.

Discussed below are a few technologies that can be helpful for web developers for designing and developing a website:

1. Front-End –

The front-end is the UI (User Interface) part of the website, visible to the users. It is essential to have a beautiful front-end to attract users to your website. It should be appropriately structured so that users can navigate easily through different web pages on your website.

Some of the best front-end technologies are listed below:


A person cannot start his web development career without learning these three technologies.


It is a modern-day front-end tool that all developers love. It is a framework powered by JavaScript. Google mainly maintains its open-source platform. It makes front-end development very easy with many features. It is a new technology and will take some time for the developers to learn it.

2. Backend –

Backend is invisible to the user but is the most crucial component of web development. An eCommerce website development company needs to build a reliable backend. The backend is responsible for the internal process of the task that the user performs. If you post a comment on a website, it is the backend task to save it in the database and display it in the comment section.

-Programming Languages

It is the basis of all the logic that works in the background. If you visit a website to calculate simple interest, you will have to create the logic using various programming languages. The most used programming language in websites is PHP. It is the oldest language that is the base of many top websites. A young developer can also learn other technologies like Python to build the logic. However, the PHP community is far expanded, and you can get support anytime.


The database is like a storage area for your website. Most companies have different teams to manage and store databases. But as a web developer, it is necessary to learn how the data is stored and retrieved. The standard database used is MySQL and Firebase.


API stands for Application Program Interface; it is an endpoint of any application from where other apps can extract data. It is suitable for the developers to know the working of APIs. It will help to work with third-party info. A website development company needs other data from user’s social handles to predict their likings. API is used in that process.

3. Other Technologies

Many other configurations and developments are needed from the front-end and backend, such as security, networking, hosting, and domain names. All these things require basic knowledge in all the domains, which can be only gained by experience. Various websites can buy domain names and hosting according to their needs. It is recommended to include an SSL certificate while hosting your website, which secures your website from hackers. There are various other tools or technologies, which can make your development task easy. Here are some of them-


Bootstrap is an open-source framework to design responsive websites. It has inbuilt CSS and JavaScript, which helps in reducing the time taken for building the site’s basic structure. It is recommended for those who spend more time building the logic instead of thinking about website design and structure. Creative people can make their designs from scratch using CSS and JS, but others can take advantage of this beautiful framework.

4. Third-Party Apps

A person with no knowledge of any technology or programming language can also develop a website without help. Many platforms and sites provide you with features that will help you design a website by ‘drag and drop operation.


It is the most famous website builder platform. Many big websites are built and designed on WordPress. It has many themes, created using various technologies by the developers. You can choose one from them according to your business or project. All the customizable options are available to the users to make it look as they want. It is the simplest way of building a website.

Web development is significant in today’s world. New technologies are enhancing the development process, thus reducing efforts and time. But it is always good to start from the basics to learn in deep about the new technologies.

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