Some Really Effective Marketing Tactics for SMBs to Build Brand Awareness

Running a small business is a challenging and interesting undertaking as it gives you a lot of opportunities to grow and learn. Gaining a competitive edge in the online business world seems a challenge, especially for small businesses. However, with some effective digital marketing strategies, you can attract and maintain a customer base that is ready to pay for your products or services.  

Building brand awareness is one of the first steps to market your business. There are some marketing techniques that you can try to create brand awareness, attract target customers and persuade them to engage with your brand. However, keep in mind that there is no magic strategy that can significantly boost your small business. The key is to experiment with different marketing strategies and figure out which will work for your business and which will be a waste of time and resources.  

Let’s explore some effective marketing strategies for small businesses that will help them get more customers, recognition and profit.

Create Informative Content

It’s no surprise that creating engaging content is one of the most effective strategies to build brand awareness and user engagement. Publishing educational and informative blog posts will inspire trust and help you rank higher on search engines. All you need is to research your target audience carefully.  What are their likes, dislikes, problems and interests?

Choose topics relevant to your audience and try to address their needs and pain points. Provide real, actionable advice and tips to show your target audience that you are an industry expert and have an in-depth knowledge about the particular topic. It will surely encourage people to visit your blog to get more information, which will eventually help your website to rank higher on search engine result pages.

Humanize Your Brand

People want to buy from brands that engage with them on an emotional level. This is why it is important to show the human side of your brand by telling your brand story.  Tell your audience the real reason behind your brand’s existence, what motivated you to come up with a product/service idea, and how your brand can improve your customers’ lives. At this stage, your goal should be to gain the trust of your audience and convince them to convert.

It is a great idea to publicly represent your brand and answer the queries of your potential customers to become a massive fanbase. Share informative posts, tweets, how-to videos, infographics to help users understand the purpose of your brand. Ask people what they are looking for and provide quick solutions to their problems. By becoming the face of your brand, you can attract more and more people to consider your brand for future purchases.  

Engage and Nurture Your Potential Customers

Gaining the trust of today’s consumers is no easy feat. They won’t buy your products or services just because you made promises and claims to solve their issues. They don’t like salesy and promotional content. Avoid making flash promises that you won’t be able to fulfill. Instead, put your best efforts into engaging and nurturing your potential customers by explaining what your service or product can do. Highlight all the key points that make your brand unique from others. First, set expectations and then try to meet them. Send weekly newsletters to your subscribers to keep them aware of your products, the latest happenings in the company, blog posts, upcoming discounts, deals, promotions and much more.

Gain Quality Backlinks

It is one of the best ways to increase your brand awareness and increase its online visibility. Guest posting is the best way to share your expertise and knowledge through other platforms. Choose credible websites relevant to your niche and have an engaged audience. There are many websites that accept guest posts and give writers an opportunity to insert links to their websites.

It is an outstanding way to build brand credibility by publishing your posts on different websites. Guest blogging allows you to get quality backlinks which helps you gain a higher position on the search engine ranking position. Some companies provide free SEO consultation, and you can contact them to get the best SEO advice to improve your website’s rankings. 

Share What Your Fans Think About Your Brand

Building brand reputation is critically important for small businesses as they need to show their audience that they are selling genuine products or services. One of the best ways to show your brand credibility is to share what your fans think about your brand.

For instance, you got compliments for a how-to guide you posted on your blog. Take the screenshots of those comments and post them on your social media accounts to encourage people to read your article. If people appreciate the quality of content you publish on your blog, it clearly shows that they enjoy your high-quality work.

Similarly, you can share user-generated content, reviews and testimonials on your website, blog, and social media channels to convince new visitors to become your subscribers. This strategy will definitely increase your brand reputation and make your brand more trustworthy.   

To Sum Things Up

So, here you go. These are a few marketing techniques that small business owners should try to gain credibility and attract potential customers to buy your products. The best part of these marketing strategies is that they are free of cost, so that you can easily invest your marketing budget on paid marketing strategies to get quick results. Experiment with these marketing tips, and you will be able to grow your business in the competitive marketplace.

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